The Team

Walkway Solutions Key Personnel

Allan Berntsen

Managing Director

Prior to starting in business, Allan worked for the Department of Conservation and Forest Service for 22 years. He gained training and experience in the recreational side, including building tracks, maintenance of tracks, budgeting, leading teams in the field, health and safety in the workplace and project management.

Since owning Walkway Solutions he has been able to apply and expand his knowledge and experience. He has a passion for the outdoors and is proud of the work that is achieved by our team.

Allan’s approach to managing many different and diverse projects, is to take a simple and efficient approach in regard to the methodology of jobs. He ensures clear communication is present through all levels of the team, subcontractors and clients. Allan is adaptable in the way he manages projects to make sure that all jobs can be forwarded in some way, regardless of unforeseen challenges.

Dane Berntsen

Senior Team Leader

For the past 10 years, Dane has been a Team Leader for Walkway Solutions. He has 12 years of experience in upgrading tracks, including the building of retaining walls, box steps and was involved in the construction of 80% of the timber and suspension bridges we have built.

Dane acted as the Operations Manager for the bridges built on the Waikino to Waihi section of the Hauraki Rail Trail, and for the bridges built on the Kopu to Kaiaua section of the Hauraki Rail Trail and recently led the team to build the Te Awa Cycleway boardwalks between the Velodrome to Hooker Rd Cambridge.

Dane has a natural ability to lead and keeps things simple when it comes to managing projects. He communicates well, particularly in his dealings with Council staff, engineers and within his team.


  • First aid
  • Chainsaw 6916, 6917
  • Site Safe Supervisor Gold Card
  • Height Safety and Rescue 15757, 23229, 17600
  • Wheels Tracks and Rollers
  • Class 2 drivers license
  • Forklift license

Nicky Berntsen


Nicky has worked alongside Allan and the team developing new systems to make the business run smoothly, including marketing, tendering, training, safety plans and recruitment. For 15 years she managed the day-to-day administration and email communications with clients and suppliers. She has passed this on to Miriam and is providing support to her and the team when required. Nicky enjoys walking and cycling the tracks and is proud of the successful family business that has been created by the team.


Colin Handcock

Logistics Coordinator

Colin started with Walkway Solutions in this role in January 2022. He has been employed to organise materials for the team and deliver them to the sites. He also assists with pricing and health and safety plan production.

Colin audits the site for safety and quality and communicates with the team on their requirements to fulfil each contract ensuring the team are set up to complete the work efficiently.

Previously Colin worked for a timber reseller and is familiar with products we use and dealing with the public.

Miriam Knoetze


Miriam has been working for Walkway Solutions since September 2020, keeping track of all invoices, emails, payroll and ensuring the fleet, tools and machinery receive regular maintenance. She provides assistance to the team when required and ensures the team have the correct PPE and necessary training courses.

The Field Team

In addition to this, Walkway Solutions Limited has a full-time experienced construction workforce of 10. All personnel have been chosen for their ability to work in the outdoors in demanding conditions and can sometimes spend long periods away from home. All have proven track records and are fully aware of the company’s safety policies as well as the image presented to the public.

All Walkway Solutions Ltd employees have numerous years’ experience working on short walks to backcountry work sites. They are highly skilled in all aspects of construction work and are NZQA Qualified in unit standards 6916 and 6917 chainsaw use, first aid, Height safety and rescue and Site safe passport. The Team has a combined experience of 30+ years working under and around helicopters and can operate safely and effectively in all situations we encounter.

Our highly trained and experienced team will carry out quality work while following the plans provided and the systems we’ve created. They will also take care to preserve the environment including minimising damage to the surrounding trees, creating drainage to keep water from eroding the track and preventing the spread of Kauri dieback. They are extremely proud of their work.

Walkway Solutions Team